Canada Goose Men Jackets & More Outerwear

High quality
Luxury high-performance parts for the extreme cold are in the DNA of the CANADAGOOSE. So each jacket or parka the canada goose womens jacket brand goes through 13 stages of production and many hands, all tours by appointment. The zipper to the button, each element is carefully chosen and painstakingly put in place. And before they leave thefactory, a competent quality assurance team inspects each coat by hand, thus ensuring that no detail is forgotten.

Some of their coats and parkas require up to 450 hours of work to be produced. In an age where the production is outsourced to keep prices low and reduce costs, each piece of the CANADA GOOSE is produced only in Canadian territory. This explains why their canada goose jacket clearance and parkas have prices that start at $600 and can easily spend $1,700. But keep local production also became a great marketing tool. After all, the cold weather is part of Canada’s national identity, and there are no better judges of the quality of the products CANADA GOOSE than thosefor which they are designed-and by whom they were inspired.

The Canadian brand logo has undergone some renovations over the years. The current visual identity adopted a thinner font typography, modern and stylish. But the main symbol of brand recognition (sewn on the chest or sleeve of each garment) remains unchanged: a circle that contains the map of Canada, Maple leaves (the country’s national symbol) and the inscriptionAlways using the colors red, blue and white.

The canada goose expedition parka womens is one of the currently highest quality down parka in the market. Style, weight and function are unique. Visually, the redox playing parka in the high fashion area and need to hide behind any customized parka. He reveals his Scandinavian roots with its minimalist, elegant design. Technically, he is one of the most innovative products of in recent years.
Canada Goose Men Jackets & More Outerwear
The UBER own regulator diaphragm is one of the highest quality at all. Waterproof,vapour permeability combined with 4-way stretch properties are unmatched. This outer layer canada goose jacket is complemented by a high-quality down-filled with 800 down, which is very light and offers the best insulation. The White Heat™ construction of the goose is patented and awesome. Thus the parka weighs 1100 grams and it just once in a range from-20 to + 5 degrees. Only a few winter jackets reach such levels.
Hood and faux fur in the neck area can be removed. canada goose expedition ladies parka spirit blue are on hand to ensure that you will have never cold hands, although once with no gloves. The two outer and inner pockets as well as an innovative card holder securely store your utensils so that they remain protected even in heavy rain. The regularfit the parka over any suit can carry without this thick to apply. Visually and technically THE highlight in our winter jacket collection!

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